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How to Properly Clean Car Wheels and Rims?

The wheels on a car are one of the dirtiest parts of the vehicle. Driving on the road, your car's wheels will gather everything you can think of, including dust, filth, grease, and grime. Not taking proper care of your car's wheels and rims can hinder your vehicle's performance and make driving less comfortable.

As a result, it is vital that you take proper care of your car wheels and put sufficient time and effort into maintaining them. To do this, you need to know how to clean car wheels and rims using the appropriate methods for your vehicle. If you want to discover how to do this and what products would be best for your car, read this post that Detailing World Memphis has provided.

How to Properly Clean Car Wheels and Rims

Tips for cleaning your car rims and wheels

Wheels that aren't cared for properly may take on an unsightly brownish hue and develop sidewall cracks, so we'll go through the best methods for cleaning, polishing, and waxing wheels to prevent these problems.

  • Step 1: You first need to have two buckets of water ready to go; one will be used for the car's body, and the other will be used for the wheels. It is strongly recommended that you use a different bucket of water than you use to clean the car's body to clean the wheels.
  • Step 2: Clean your wheels by hosing down each rim one at a time; be sure to use a hose with a strong water stream! After giving the rims a quick rinse off with water, use a towel to wipe away any remaining dirt, grime, and brake dust from each one.
  • Step 3: Spray the lubricant over each wheel individually. When cleaning your wheels, be sure to use a solution that is water-based, non-acidic, and non-abrasive. This will help to preserve the finish on your wheels. It will assist in removing the dust and lubricating the wheels, both of which are essential to ensure that the alloy rims are not scratched. If you can help it, steer clear of utilizing cleaners that include acid since such products pose a danger of causing damage to your wheels, particularly if the wheels have a clear coating on them.
  • Step 4: Make use of a brush with soft bristles - Scrub the area thoroughly with a brush with soft bristles to remove any leftover filth and brake dust. Make use of some muscle, but do it with caution to avoid damaging the wheel's polish. Use a brush with a handle that is sufficiently long to enable you to reach into the crevices and clean around the lug nuts and the inside of the holes, spokes, and wheel well. When shopping for goods to clean your car's wheels, be sure to seek a brush with a bendable stem and a lug nut brush that is specifically made for this job.
  • Step 5: Clean each wheel thoroughly with the garden hose, particularly the wheel wells, spokes, and lug nut holes.
  • Step 6: To avoid water marks on the wheels, dry them carefully with a plush-fiber towel.
  • Step 7: Detailing clay may assist to loosen stubborn dirt, rust, or brake dust from the wheel's surface. Car paint protection clay is not to be confused with this product. After washing the wheel, before polishing or waxing, apply wheel detailing clay. Before rubbing the clay on the wheel, re-lubricate the surface.
  • Step 8: Polish the rims of your vehicle - Wheels that have not been polished before waxing will not look their best. The first thing to remember while learning to polish automobile wheels is that the polish you choose will depend on the finish of the rim.
  • The last step is to apply wax - Waxing your rims after you've cleaned and polished them will provide an incredible sheen and a final layer of protection against brake dust and the outdoors. Wheel wax is a protective substance used in the same way as conventional automobile wax. 

The Most Effective Cleaning Products for Car Wheels

1. A high-water pressure hose

A high-water pressure

A high-water pressure hose

Fifty feet hose with a male 3/8" quick-connect connector and a female 3/8" quick-connect socket, rated for up to 4500 PSI.

Effective Building: The inner core is steel and polyester for strength and endurance, while the outer jacket is made of transparent polyurethane, making it flexible, non-marring, and up to three times more abrasion resistant than rubber.

Universal Compatibility with the Vast Majority of Pressure Washers. This hose is compatible with most commercial and household cold water pressure washers thanks to its quick-connect construction and capacity to endure up to 4500 PSI.

Assembled to withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, this item may be used with cold water.

Longevity and strength: Polyurethane outer jacket is simple to maintain and has 4-inch bend guards at both ends to increase its longevity.

2. Wheel cleaner

Hydrosilex Wheel Cleaner Gallon

Wheel cleaner

HydroSilex Wheel Cleaner is a high-tech mixture designed to be safe and effective for all wheel types, with a particular emphasis on eliminating challenging brake pollution, such as filth, iron particles, and heavy buildup. When the solution begins cleaning your wheels, you'll notice a shift to a purple hue.

3. A wheel-cleaning brush

SM Arnold Tire Brush w/ Brass Wire

A wheel-cleaning brush

Brushes with nylon bristles stapled into a foam block are ideal for cleaning white-sided tires.

4. Microfiber towels

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels

Edgeless microfiber towels measure 16" by 16" and come in a convenient 10-pack light blue color.

5. Car Wash Soap

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash 16oz

Car Wash Soap

Premium vehicle washes soap with a refreshing citrus scent. Special gloss additives make any hue shine brightly. Safe for use on sealants and waxes. Extra-smooth lubricants remove grime and protect surfaces from scratches and swirls. Use this versatile soap to clean and polish your paintwork, wheels, glass, metal, and more! Formats include 4-ounce and 64-ounce bottles.

6. A wheel brush for car detailing (Optional)

Professional 4 Pack Long Handle Wheel Brush Kit for Cleaning Wheel and Tire

A wheel brush for car detailing (Optional)

Detailing Brush and Stiff Tire Brush, Bendable and Durable Wheel Rim Cleaner Brush Set, Professional 4 Pack Long Handle Wheel Brush Kit for Cleaning Wheel and Tire- 2X Soft Wheel Woolies Cleaning Brush, Detailing Brush, and Stiff Tire Brush,

7. An anti-filth protective coating

Meguiar's All-Season Dressing

An anti-filth protective coating

Meguiars' D160 Detailer All Season Dressing is a recipe that is compatible with VOC standards and gives a deep, rich, and long-lasting shine on all outdoor surfaces made of rubber and plastic. Whether your items are very old or fresh, very weathered or very worn, All Season Dressing will always provide you with the desired results.


As you can see, there are other options for cleaning wheels than simply blasting them with high-pressure water! Detail-oriented preparation and adherence to established processes are essential for success. Learning about the techniques and selecting items that work for your automobile are the first steps in cleaning the wheels and rims.

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