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Is Ceramic Coating A Good Investment For Your Car?

You've probably heard of ceramic coatings, a long-term method to shield your car's exterior from the elements and other environmental hazards. Paint, glass, plastics, and even metals can be maintained in pristine condition for a long time once a ceramic coating has been applied. This article discusses ceramic coatings and the benefits for your car. Let's find out more with the team from Detailing World Memphis.

Benefits of ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings provide several benefits, making them a great investment for protecting the outside of your car.

applying ceramic coating on suv car Detailing World Memphis

Prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation. 

Even a brand-new car is vulnerable to the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ultraviolet (UVA) light. After being constantly exposed to UV rays, the clear coat layer will eventually experience severe wear and tear. This creates an environment in which the metal may come into contact with air, water, salt, and other types of road grime, eventually leading to oxidation and corrosion. The car's surface is protected against rust and corrosion thanks to a ceramic coating, which prevents the clear coat from coming into contact with the contaminants which may cause damage.

Easy to clean

Because of the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating, you will be able to keep the vehicle cleaner for longer. Water and dirt particles will bead up and roll off the car, rather than settling and potentially causing stains on the surface. In addition, you won't have to wash the automobile nearly as regularly as you would have to if it didn't have the ceramic coating. Nevertheless, you must clean it once a week to maintain the coating in good condition.

Protects against bird droppings and grime

High uric acid concentrations and stomach enzymes in bird droppings and insect guts will eat away your car's paint, if you don't remove them right away. When dirt and grime are baked on a hot car for a lengthy period, they become complicated to remove. Ceramic coatings protect against this form of damage, making your car look in much better condition for longer. 

Protects against UV rays

The sun's UV rays may cause damage to vehicles if they are exposed to it for an extended period. For example, oxidation brought on by excessive heat may cause paint to break or fade. A ceramic coating protects your vehicle from UV rays by reflecting them away, just as an umbrella would a rain shower. When applied to paint, a ceramic coating significantly increases durability and decreases clear coat peeling.

Top products at Detailing World Memphis in 2023

HydroSilex Surface Prep Spray

hydrosilex gallon gloss surface prep spray Detailing World Memphis

HydroSilex Surface Prep Spray ( Rewind ) is a wax and grease remover ideal to use before installing HydroSilex ceramic coatings. For the ceramic coating to bond appropriately, the surface must be clean of any wax residue.

CarPro Reload Silica Spray Sealant

carpro reload silica spray sealant Detailing World Memphis

Sio2 Quartz Spray SealantReload packs the glass-like gloss, hydrophobicity, and dirt repellency of silica nanotechnology in a convenient spray-on, wipe-off sealant. Originally formulated to maintain the protection and finish quality of CQUARTZ coatings, Reload has also proven itself as a stand-alone sealant, offering up to 4 months of protection for daily drivers.

SONAX Wheel Rim Shield 13.02 oz

sonax wheel rim shield 13 02 oz Detailing World Memphis

Due to the dirt-repellent finish on the treated surfaces, the highly effective SONAX Wheel Rim Shield with self-cleaning properties. Reliably protects all aluminum, steel, chromed and polished wheel rims against brake dust and other stubborn dirt contamination. Protects for up to six weeks. It makes subsequent wheel rim cleaning much more straightforward.

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