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Gyeon Q²M Preserve (250ml) Restore and protect plastic trim at the same time. Q²M Preserve is a wonderfully simple to use water based dressing for all plastic, trim, and rubber. It will bring back the healthy sheen to faded plastic and protect the trim from UV damage. This trim dressing is not greasy or shiny, leaving a very natural satin look.


Q²M Preserve creates an invisible layer that does not affect the look or feel of even the softest vinyl trim in any way. This trim dressing simply coats the trim to ensure its good looks remain the same as the day you bought it.


Q²M Preserve can be used on every plastic and rubber piece of the car. It is perfect for exterior lower trim, engine bay plastics, interior trim and plastics, and rubber surrounds. Its easy application make it the perfect trim protectant for regular maintenance use with surprisingly long lasting durability.

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